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Sell Your Photography Prints

By February 6, 2019Uncategorized

I currently sell my photography prints here in my shop. The products are printed to order, and it costs nothing for me to upload my images, create a product, and get it into the shop.

I have been speaking with quite a few amateur and semi-professional photographers who have expressed interest in doing the same. With my experience in design and development, SEO and marketing, and dropshipping, I see an opportunity to support the community here.

Here’s what I’m interested in creating… The idea is to create a website to sell photography prints from amateur and semi-professional photographers around the world. There will be no fee to upload, and no cost to anyone. Unlike other options like Etsy, Society6, etc., this keeps it affordable (free) for people like myself who cannot afford to risk money on listing products.

You will simply send me your images and choose the sizes for your prints, and I will create the products for you. Each photographer will have a simple bio and picture of themselves. When a print sells, it will automatically be printed and shipped to your customer. Then, you will be paid and the website will get a portion.

I want to gauge interest in this, and see how we could make it work. I’m starting with a brief survey to see how many people are interested and gather some basic details. If you’re interested, please take a moment to take this super quick survey!

To take the quick survey, just click the button below. Your information will never be shared, sold, etc. This greatly helps me get an idea of what we can do! It will take you under 3 minutes, guaranteed.

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