Mindfulness Coaching

I am available for one-on-one sessions in person and via video chat. As a mindfulness coach, I will work with you to deepen your understanding of mindfulness and help you develop a regular practice. Sessions are 30 minutes, and I prefer to meet with students weekly or biweekly. The cost is $50/session.

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Working with a Mindfulness Coach

With a mindfulness coach, you have the opportunity to connect with a teacher and kickstart your practice. I do not have one overarching plan for everyone; I work individually with every student to identify needs with compassion and patience.

Daily Practice

Build a daily meditation practice, finding ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life regularly.


Dive into mindfulness with guidance to help deepen your understanding of the teachings and your own experience.


Investigate how to apply the teachings of mindfulness to the difficulties of everyday life.


Create a plan for your practice, finding direction and taking steps to continue along the path.


A mindfulness coach offers you a sounding board, a support system, and a friend along the journey.


Find and assess places where growth is possible, and work toward freedom from the struggles.

“I've been meditating with Matthew for several months and i can honestly say that my meditation practice has never felt as strong or as supported as it's been now. Matthew is an EXCELLENT meditation teacher with solid training in both classical and modern teachings.”

Ed P.

“Can't say enough positive things about Matthew. He is well experienced and continue to further his knowledge too. I just feel lucky to have found One Mind Dharma!”

Kate S.

“I have been working with Matthew for a few months now, and am truly grateful that I found him! He has been there for me through a lot, and always offers insight and compassion that rubs off on me. ”

Janice R.

mindfulness coach MatthewAbout Matthew

I am an empowered Buddhist teacher, receiving training from Spirit Rock Meditation Center. I have taught meditation to teens, recovering addicts, and local communities for several years. I work one on one with individuals who wish to deepen their practice and apply the principles of mindfulness and compassion to daily living.

Working with individuals I try to assess goals and weaknesses, create a plan, and help you to follow through so that you can move forward. With a foundation in the teachings of mindfulness, I work with you to address the difficulties you face in your life. You can check out my new book Practicing Mindfulness – 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday and preorder today on Amazon.